Is your wood deck in need of repairs?  Sometimes if left unsealed or unprotected your deck may deteriorate prematurely.  Nobody wants to entertain or even use a deck that may be unsightly or worse yet unsafe.

That’s where Master Decker comes in.  We can inspect the deck boards and substructure to make sure all the wood is in good condition.

A variety of factors can cause the wood to need repair or restoration and catching it in time can avoid having to replace your deck entirely.

Dry Rot:  Dry rot is caused by a certain species of fungi that attacks the wood stiffness and structure.  Dry rot can deteriorate a decks structural integrity even without obvious signs of moisture.  Hence “Dry Rot”.

Termites:  Since most wood decks are in direct contact with the ground, it’s very easy for termites to attack your wood deck.  Pressure treated lumber should be used on your substructure whenever possible to avoid termites.

Weather Cycles:  Rain, Mold and Sun (U.V.) Temperature all play a role in Canadian deck deterioration.  If your deck isn’t protected by a good waterproofing sealer, it’s prone to rot.  Most decks in Canada require deck cleaning and deck sealing every 2 years (depending on the quality of the deck sealer).

Mold:  Even if your deck is structurally sound, it still may be prone to mold if it’s shaded or in a damp area.  Leaves, pine needles, and debris can build up in the spaces between your deck boards causing improper drainage and moisture retention.  These cracks must be cleared out to ensure proper ventilation so mold and rot don’t occur.

Sun:  It’s no secret that Canada gets plenty of snow and its fair share of sun.  Though we love the sun, if left unprotected the U.V. rays can wreak havoc on an unsealed wood deck.  The sun’s damaging U.V. rays not only fade the wood but dry it out making it susceptible to moisture retention and rot.  Master Decker Deck Repair to the rescue!

If your deck is suffering from one or all of the issues discussed there is no cause for alarm.  It’s very likely we can remedy the situation at minimal cost.  If we catch it in time!  Call (519) 878 6735 for a free inspection.