Deck Restore + Cleaner and Brightener

Deck Restoration Process
Deck Restore Plus2

Deck Restore+ is a brand of deck cleaning agents used by contractors and residential household alike.

In prior years, Deck Restore+ was only available to professionals through direct supply. Now, through Master Decker, Deck Restore+ is made available to every homeowner.

Features and benefits:

  • Restores old, weathered, and greying decks to their natural appearance with just one coat.
  • Clean up to 600 sq. ft. of heavily dirty deck,fence,pergola with just one canister.
  • Easy to use – just mix with water and apply using a mop or garden sprayer.
  • Professional results, without the professional price tag – by using and applying the product yourself save hundreds of dollars maintaining your deck.


Deck Restore+ is recommended for outdoor applications and is safe for your plants and shrubs.


Are you planning on sealing/staining your deck in the future? Want to bright colour of a new deck? Make sure to pair the Deck Restore + Cleaner with the Deck Restore + Brightener to achieve the best results. The Deck Restore + Brightener allows the seal and stain to adhere, while also giving your deck a brighter, and newer appearance. Both can be purchased as a package.


Find out why Deck Restore + is one of the fastest growing deck cleaners on the market by contacting one of our associates.