As a result of poor application or low-quality product, a deck may need to be sanded. Deck refinishing means sanding down the deck to bare wood. Deck sanding requires various grits be used depending on the type of wood (hardwood or softwood), and the substance currently on the deck.

Our process categorizes sanding projects into heavy and light sanding. Heavy sanding is required for solid paints and other solid applicants. Heavy sanding requires traditional flooring machines like the ones used to refinish hardwood. Masks must be worn by specialists because of the risk of inhaling carcinogenic contaminants.

Light sanding is used to remove semi-solid or already weathered applicants. Light sanding is usually performed with hand-held equipment and the required degree of safety is less than heavy sanding. The type of sanding your project demands, depends on the applicant that was applied, the number of layers, and the weathering.

Our deck specialists can help sand your deck and apply a quality product to avoid ever having your deck embarrass you and your family through peeling and bubbling.