The History Behind Master Decker

We were frustrated with not having any choice but apply a popular stain and have to sand for hours in the scorching heat for hours on end every year or living with a unappealing, rotting deck that requires costly repairs or worse Рreplacement all together.   Researching best practices from American and Australian deck service companies and adapting them to the unique Canadian climate, Master Decker was born. Restoring, maintaining, sealing, and repairing decks and other wood structures has been our business focus ever since.

Current Developments

Since then, the business has grown rapidly, expanding to an office location in Zorra, Ontario to serve Master Decker’s main markets of London, Kitchener, and Hamilton. In 2016, the office will begin selling the top of the line stains that refused to change their formulations due to Big Box stores profit margin requirements to contractors and DIYers. The company will also be launching a long awaited line of commercial-grade deck restoration chemicals for home owners to clean, strip, and brighten their decks.