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How to Apply Ready Seal

Applying Ready Seal is a straightforward process that can be tackled even by DIY enthusiasts with minimal experience. Here’s how to ensure the best results:v


Clean the deck thoroughly. Remove any dirt, debris, and previous coatings if different from Ready Seal.


Apply Ready Seal with a brush, roller, or sprayer. For best results, use a brush to ensure the stain penetrates into the wood grain.


Ensure even coverage. Ready Seal is designed to be applied in a single coat but can be reapplied for darker color.

Curing and Drying Time

Ready Seal is user-friendly when it comes to drying and curing:

Dry to the touch

Typically, the surface will be dry to the touch within a few hours, depending on the weather conditions.

Full cure

The full curing process takes up to 14 days. During this period, the stain continues to penetrate and protect the wood.

Ease of Use

Ready Seal is a top-choice oil-based stain and sealer renowned for its exceptional ease of application and maintenance. Unlike water-based stains, Ready Seal penetrates deep into the wood, ensuring a long-lasting and durable finish. This oil-based solution not only enhances the natural beauty of your wood but also protects it from harsh elements with its sealing capabilities.
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Durability Over Water-Based Stains

Ready Seal outperforms water-based stains in several key areas:


Oil-based stains like Ready Seal soak into the wood fibers and harden, which enhances the wood’s resistance to moisture and decay.


Reapplication is straightforward—there is no need to strip the deck if it was previously treated with Ready Seal. Simply clean the surface and reapply.


Ready Seal provides a richer finish that enhances the wood’s natural grain, unlike water-based stains that can peel or flake.

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